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Big Pete, a guy born around music, father was a member of many bands and owned his own lighting company, he ran light shows for many local bands as well as national acts back in the late 70's and early 80's, even tried out for lead singer for a thrash metal band known today as Whiplash out of NJ. Growing up I knew many musicians, seeing many shows in dive bars, schools, and backyard parties. One day I talked to a guy that was a band manager and was a dj on internet radio, and asked how do I get my own show, I wanted to play my friends bands on the air so more people could hear them. After many years on air, on 4 different stations I thought having my own station was the way to go, and on that cold December morning back in 2012 Total Metal Radio was born. I am a true lover of Heavy Metal, I feel the local metal scene needs help getting heard and the listeners are the most important part of the industry, without them we would not be here, and together we can be the best. We started the saying being used on many internet stations, when at local shows come early and stay late, "The Listeners Always Come First, and "And Without The Local Bands, We Will Never Have Another National Band" so come in take a seat in our chat, buckle up and let's get our METAL ON. Peace Love and Metal to ALL.

     I was born during the dawn of metal in central Connecticut furthest away from any wealthy suburbs.  I was instantly drawn to heavy rock and metal banging my head to the sounds of Black Sabbath and AC/DC. Growing up in the 80s we had only one radio station that would deliver what I needed and that was WCCC in Hartford.  I would record Howard Stern in the morning while at school then rock out with a radio taped to my bike blasting Iron Maiden and Metallica in the afternoon.  As I grew some tastes changed but metal always remained with me.  The 90s brought in heavy hitters like Fear Factory and Slipknot meanwhile older bands like Megadeth and Pantera were still running strong.  I graduated high school then went to one of the greatest shows ever.  Ozzfest was born with two stages with a mixture of up and comers and lead acts setting the crowd asunder.  The turn of the millennium brought some big moments with marrying my wife and having 2 boys.  They have me to be a better man and jokester. Family and friends have all encouraged me to venture forth on this epic adventure of metal and mayhem and you all get to come along for the ride.  So for those willing, join me, surrender your soul to your maker, strap your butts in, and crank it to 11.